Myrtle Beach, SC Biker Awarded $2.76 For Injuries and Suffering

After a long jury trial and much debate, a man from Myrtle Beach, SC was awarded over $2.7 Million for injuries he sustained in a crash with a United States Air Force Bus.  The crash was tragic and both the driver and the passenger sustained numberious injuries including massive burns to his body, arm injuries, leg injuries, shoulder injuries, and also a mild traumatic brain injury.  The US Air Bus bus and the motorcycle crashed causing the bike to fly into the air and catch fire.  Both the driver and passenger were thrown from the vehicle over the bus and landed on pavement.

The accident occured on a dual lane highway located nearby to an Air Force Base in Mytrle Beach, South Carolina.  The bus itself was making a left hand turn from a stop sign and pulled into the intersection where it struck the motorcycle in a side impact collision.  If you would like more information regarding this automobile accident, please visit the attorney’s website.

There was a 10 day trial after a settlement could not be agreed upon.  The offer that the US government offered was $100,000.  The actual discover for the case lasted many years and there were reviews from various medical experts, accident re-constructionists, and other professional experts.

The driver was awarded $2.75 for the massive injuries that he sustained and the passenger on the bike was also awarded $800,000.