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changing table alternatives – Feng Shui is the art of balancing and harmonizing your house in order to assist you get what you would like and deserve in your life.

The best shapes for a dining table are octagonal, circular or oval as this means that everyone at the table can both see and talk to each other. But not all tables are this shape, and to be honest this is frequently not the most practical shape for your dining room. Does this mean then that in the event that you’ve got a dining table that’s not this shape you need to head out and buy a new one?

The fantastic thing is that no one don’t, although I know of many people who’ve used this as a handy excuse to treat themselves to a brand new dining room collection. There are numerous ways in which you may enhance or heal a dining table to ensure it promotes positive energy, and with enhancements or remedies the one that you choose will be the one which most appeals to you. The most common problems with tables as well as also the ways in which they may be overcome are highlighted below.

A rectangular or square table

If you’ve got a rectangular or square table, to ensure everybody at the table can see each other clearly make sure the area is ventilated and place mirrors on the walls. One of the unfortunate side effects of having a rectangular or square table is that the sharp corners create poison arrows which make negative energy. To lessen the disruptive effects of them, disguise them by placing a long, thick, highly patterned and decorative fabric over the desk so that it touches the floor. Ensure that the regions of the area which the corners are pointing at are well lit with lamps. Enhance the area with natural plants and flowers because these will also help to counteract any negative energy.

A dining table That’s too little

If your dining table is too little for you and your family and friends to sit at, this can make folks feel cramped and lead to conflict. In some cases it may also lead to digestive problems because people rush to complete their meals so that they can leave the table. To fix this problem you will have to increase the surface area of the table by placing a large circular piece of wood, chipboard or plastic on the top of the table when it’s in use. This can be covered with a fabric to produce a decorative, comfortable eating place and can be easily stored away when not in use.

A dining table That’s too large

If there are only a few of you eating it can be very daunting and relatively uncomfortable if you are seated at a large table. A simple cure for this is to place only 1 area of this table and make a decorative screen at the other side. When creating a decorative screen it’s almost always best to represent the bagua area that the dining area or dining room is situated in. If for instance the dining area is in the connection area of the house, then a attractive display of cream and pink roses in a crystal vase, then fairly pink rocks and crystals sprinkled across the candles and table in pairs at both sides of the flowers can make a stunning visual display.

A glass table

A glass table induces energy to move very quickly over the surface. If you have purchased a glass table because you want the design and do not wish to conceal it, then place a large table decoration in the middle of the table top. The ideal decoration is one which utilizes water or wood or both, since this helps to result in a calming effect.

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